Writing-All Grade Levels

I think we are all born to be writers. We have ideas, feelings, dreams, and stories inside our heads. The trick is to get them on paper in an organized way that allows the reader to understand those thoughts.

The goal of educators is to get students to a level of proficiency in writing so that students can convey their thoughts clearly and effectively.

Check out the following resources:

There are different kinds of writing– writing emails, text messages, writing directions, a lab report, writing out an explanation for a math problem, poetry, short stories, a thank you note, etc.

Consider creating a thematic unit– combining reading, science, social studies, math and writing all under the umbrella of a theme. For example,

Children can write about what they know about the subject, what they want to learn and what they learned afterward (KWL). Have your child keep a journal of what they are learning and what they are interested in learning more about.

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