How to Get Your Team Ready for the Fall

I think a lot of schools and districts can reflect on what worked and what didn't work based upon the months we were online last school year. Teaching and learning--for both teachers and students-- have a flow and pattern. As a teacher for 16 years, I'm familiar with that experience.

Staff: Is your teaching and support staff ready for online learning? Map out your teaching staff and identify the needs (technological, teaching, communication, grading, etc.). Create a tiered support plan.

Communication Plan: What is expected of teachers, support staff, parents, students, etc? What are your goals? What does your State Department of Instruction expect and require? What does your district office require? It's important to create a calendar and a matrix so that your planning and implementation is organized. I like SmartSheet for this process. Microsoft Teams is a great tool as well.

Monitoring Your Plan: How do you know online teaching and learning is successful? Who is responsible for monitoring and how do you do it? First, create a matrix that outlines your systems and assign your leadership duties to monitor segments of your plan. There should be a reporting out process and structured review processes that allow you to make adjustments when needed.

Mapping Out Your plan

The Heart of your Implementation Plan

Review what's expected from your State and District Office:

1. Highlight each detail.

2. Put a due date next to each detail.

3. Assign a team member to the task.

4. Create calendar- due date, review dates, pre-review data checks.

5. Review date checks: How close are you to your goal? If an adjustment is made, update your

communication plan, and notify affected staff.

Professional Development for online teaching

Not all PD is Equal

I've worked with a staff with a wide range of technology skills. Some teachers already had a thriving Google Classroom, others hardly checked their staff email.

So what can you do to make sure everyone is ready for online teaching?

1. Start with with you expect. What does your model online classroom look like? List the skills a

teacher will need to implement that model successfully. Here are the National Standards for

Online Teaching.

2. Reflect on last school year. Make a chart with all of your staff names. Identify the teacher who

exemplified the National Standards of Online Teaching. Make a list of those qualities. Also

include in your list District and School expectations--grading procedures/practices,

online staff meetings, communicating with students and parents, department meetings, etc.

3. Based upon your outlined expectations and online teaching standards, create a survey that

asks teachers their knowledge and comfort level on these expectations.

4. Review the survey results and map out your PD plan.

5. Create a calendar based upon the PD needs and your school and district plans and needs.